more people knew what I was for halloween last year



I'll be shocked if you guess it without following the link.


  1. Hahaha awwww, don't worry man I still think on this and get excited about it. It was a truly epic costume, with the perfect make-up and everything. How about one year we do it again, but I'll go as the white suit and you do the dark suit again?? We will blow minds with our genuine wickedness AND awesomeness.

    Watch the monkey get hurt, Mon-kay! SHOCK!

  2. This is a good link to the makeup and a strange remix of both song and video. They never show the transformation of character in this one however. So if you need the help this isn't going to provide it.

  3. It's okay, nobody knew who I was at fanexpot this year either.

  4. i knew what this was the instant i saw it.


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