people cut loose more frequently

Alternate wish: "... my mom never stops being this awesome"

that it was easier to connect


I had a place for all my junk


I gave more support to you


that I knew where I was going


you'd pick up the phone


I could walk the walk


we could have met each other


There are some things I'd like to ask you.

I knew the way to the mysterious pile of bones


Triple snake-eyes.
Expect to see more paper cut-out goodness in the future. I like to call them Paper Drolls.
Max, Ishi, Me.
Look for production details on Max's blog.

everything cooked in a can tasted this good


This is my wife's Easter Bread, so named for it's "rising" properties. *wink*
More details over at her blog: Light Waters.

my self control extended to the cellular level


I better keep practacing my Prana Bindu.

more people knew the secret of gin


The secret of gin is kind of like The Secret of NIMH -- but not really.

more walking tours were focused on beer


This is Jason Kucherawy, of Tour Guys and Toronto Urban Adventures. The prior offers free walking tours of Toronto and Vancouver. The latter offers in-depth "local experience" walking tours of Toronto's neighborhoods. Today he took me on his tour entitled: "Beer Makes History Better" - and how right he was.
Thanks Jason!

all my childhood toys had delicious candy counterparts

Yes, that's a candy army man. They taste like combat.

you could meet this guy I know

I think you two would really get along.

we got together like this more often

Congratulations Team Canada!

for everyone to find a love so warming

Happy Birthday, dearest love.

I had a wishmachine


100 Wishes!!!
This wish is a big shout out to my friend Dare. When told that he would not be able to use his three Genie Wishes to either wish for more wishes or wish for more Genies, he came up with a final trump card: "Then I'd wish for a machine that grants wishes". His logic is infallible.

Here you go Dare - at long last; your wishmachine.

I also had something to lift unicorns with

The tradition of "uni-" being a prefix which denotes unicorn-like qualities (ie: a horn) can be traced to Axe Cop. Incidentally, if this is your introduction to Axe Cop - you're welcome.

you'd come see some of my other work

I've got a series of 5 images hanging at Jimmy's Coffee right now.
Come check it out if you're in town.

107 Portland St.
Toronto, Ontario
M5V 2N3

more people made pancakes more often

There are only 4 more wishes until my 100th! I've got something special planned for you.

someone had told me sooner