drivers would pay more attention to what they are doing



  1. It bugs me that I love to cycle so much and would really like to have it as a viable mode of city transportation, but I don't want to highfive any hondas with my brains. And you were on a motor cycle too, something with a bit more look-at-me-silly-motorist. Be careful out there duder.

    Also this photo, if it had thin simple sans serif letters under it with obligatory copyright stuff and a wicked title like Infinite Reflector 2: Rebounce DX.

  2. damn, did you get clipped on your bike?

  3. Adrian - No, my bike was knocked over while it was parked. It toppled and the light connected with the curb, breaking it off.

    Ishi - Cyclists are way more vulnerable than motorcycles in the city. I have noise, light, and size presence over a cyclist. Don't worry your pretty little head about me. I've never been involved in an accident with another vehicle ... on my motorcycle. >__>


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