I could fly away like he did



  1. SKY CAPTAIN!! We should watch that.. again! Next time we hang-out boyo! Nice to see a new update I waited like three weeks and no wishes :/ I needs my wishes.

    Also, right aligned negative space drool..

  2. Sorry about the lack of updates - it was a combo of not having my adapter for a while, and some really good nights out.

    Back on track, glad you like the neg-space as much as me. It's sort of a compliment to the one previous it with the left-aligned neg-space. I like how the display function of this blog acts as a sort of forced curatorial element. The placement of images can't really be changed, but instead, must be considered during the creation of the image. (end administrative babble)

  3. Yah actually when you think about it that way there is a sense of time-permanence that you've got to address in viewer perception, it has the same effect that our on-the-fly Dice-modified Narrative Discourses has where in the moment writes the facts. The last few images you've put up are definitely the most stylish I've seen you do; it is exciting.

    Though, admittedly I haven't seen most of your photo work.


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